Our updates:

October 20, 2019 - 2:00pm

Our Facebook page has received a notification from Facebook that we have been restricted. The notification states, "Limits have been placed on Wexit Alberta. Stories from your Page are not being shown in News Feed. This could be due to activities from your Page that don't comply with Facebook's policies." When clicking to find out what policies we have not complied with, or which post broke the policies, no information is given. We are not the only Page/Group that has received these notices. Numerous other Alberta-based (as far as we know) Groups have received the same notices. The common thread among these Pages/Groups are that we all share pro-Western Independence content. Why is Facebook restricting our content one day before the federal election? What happened to free speech in Canada... it appears to be dead. All the more reason to Wexit this broken Confederation.