Economic Liberty: We will achieve an overall personal income tax rate of 15%-19% by:

  • Abolishing all special interest spending.
  • Removing non-value added government services.
  • Abolishing Federal Income Tax and GST.
  • Delivering essential government services only.
  • End public investment in unreliable energy technology, such as wind and solar.
  • Robust surface and subsurface land owner and property rights.
We will ensure that Alberta remains friendly, open, and attractive to businesses by:

  • Reducing corporate taxes to 7%, while maintaining current royalty formula.
  • Abolishing speculative and non-value added industrial regulations.
  • Ensure that regulations imposed directly and objectively relate to employee safety; and prevention and reclamation of any air, soil, and water pollution.
  • Offer further incentives for maintaining a 100% Alberta resident work-force.
  • Offer further incentives for the relocation of manufacturing operations to Alberta.
  • Offer further incentives for the development of shale and nuclear technology.
  • Taking punitive measures against jurisdictions blocking Alberta’s economic progress.

Social Stability: We will ensure that Alberta protects individual rights, while preserving public order, thus allowing for a high quality of life by:

  • Ensure mandatory and available addictions and mental health treatment for Alberta’s homeless and other at-risk populations.
  • Protect Seniors through a stable and portable Alberta Pension Plan; Explore solutions to lower cost of living and support in-home care; Choice in healthcare.
  • Invest in communities through subsidy of dental care, non-generic prescriptions, youth sport, conditional student loan forgiveness, and qualified higher education via resource royalty revenue.
  • Alleviate courtroom backlogs and prioritize serious criminal cases through de-regulating divorce and matrimonial property disputes. Removing judicial prejudice against men in family court.
  • Promote immigration in accordance with economic and social need.
  • Impose severe penalties for murder, terrorism, sexual assault, and drug trafficking.
  • Assist Alberta First Nations in compensation claims against the Federal Government and institutional partners for genocide and other abuses.
  • Protecting Albertans from discriminatory on-line censorship.
  • Ensuring that publicly funded schools teach the importance of Alberta’s energy industry, while protecting the rights of parents in matters regarding sexuality or religion.
  • Outlawing groups whose primary objective or effect is racial agitation, or social chaos.

Alberta Sovereignty: We will ensure that Alberta remains sovereign, and no way subordinate to the Government of Canada, British Crown, or the United Nations by:

  • Universal Declaration of Independence from Canada and secession from the British Commonwealth; Establishment of an Alberta Constitution to be citizen ratified via direct referendum; Delivery of all essential national government services; Head of state to be an elected President of Alberta with an appointed cabinet. Establishment of an elected senate.
  • Withdraw from United Nations agreements that erode Alberta Sovereignty, including but not limited to the UN Compact on Migration, the Paris Climate Accord, and Agenda 2030.
  • Enhance economic, military, and geo-political cooperation with the United States of America.
  • Establish a functional defence force.
  • Establish an Alberta National Police and Provincial Sheriff Program. Abolish the RCMP.
  • Adoption of an Alberta National Currency, backed by resources, and balanced by citizen debt nationalization and student loan forgiveness.
  • Seek and negotiate the terms of confederation with like-minded sovereign jurisdictions ONLY if given a mandate by citizens of Alberta via referendum.
  • Direct Democracy/Referendum for proposed legislation not included in election platform; Punitive sanctions for breaking election promises.
  • Return the power of legislation to elected officials. Judges determine constitutionality before law is passed.